Real Estate Sales Will Soon Be Slowing But... 5 years ago

Recession is coming

It Doesn’t Have to Sting so Bad!

Most of the sales efficiency programs, software and training I deliver were born out of necessity during The Great Recession in 2009. Important advancements are often created this way, by understanding your unfortunate circumstance and figuring out a way to navigate past it.

Now we find ourselves headed for another one, albeit likely nowhere near as devastating (knock on wood). But it’s worth revisiting what we unearthed 10 years ago because frankly, very little has changed.

Did you know nearly 60% of all leads are never actually spoken with by a salesperson?

Why is that? Because studies show that only one in four have an interest to purchase any time soon.

“Salespeople are totally in the dark.”

So for salespeople, it’s a constant challenge finding out which leads are truly interested. Every day, salespeople spend wasted time dialing for dollars trying to connect with leads in order to gauge their interest level. This is especially true if they’re selling luxury second homes – a truly discretionary purchase, a want rather than a need.

The real problems:

1) a reluctance or inability to send the purchase information buyers want when they want it and,

2) knowing who is actually reading that information.

Salespeople are totally in the dark. Today their best options are monotonous follow up emails or endless phone calls trying to find a pulse in their pipeline. They hate doing this of course, and often choose to avoid it, spending time instead working with new owners on furniture packages and other unproductive tasks.

In a strong economy the problem isn’t as obvious, sales still come in. But that nasty 60% stat is still there, developers just don’t know it because the problem is shielded by more sales from low hanging fruit.

Furthermore, as recessions hit and sales slow the problem is magnified and sales pace drops off a cliff as a result. To make matters worse, this is often a more difficult time to invest in new systems due to a drop in revenues.

If only there was a way to engage all leads efficiently and effectively and inform sales as to which lead are truly interested. How much faster would the project sell out with this kind of sales focus? What impact would that have on the bottom line?

With so many dollars spent on lead generation, there is a clear opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the developer’s bottom line by reducing marketing expenses with a faster sell out.

I wrote a how-to ebook on building the blueprint for an elite sales program.

I’ve also reviewed the principles at

Take a peek at either and reach out for a conversation about your property before the next recession rears its ugly head and it’s too late.

Eric Pierce

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