Real Estate Developers: Sell Out Faster

Optimize Your Sales Organization to Grow Your Bottom Line.

Blueprint for a Faster Sell Out


The Hiring Process

Do you simply look for agents with a real estate license or do you have the right criteria outlined to get the best talent?

Sales Priority Plan

Your salespeople are your most expensive employees. Are they doing what they should be?

Sales Technology

How comfortable is your sales team with your CRM? Are they reluctant to use it? Do you automate to support them?

Property Tour Protocol

Are your property tours designed to help sales people be more successful? Do they show the right products at the right time and ask questions along the way?

Sales Materials

Still sending the same unimpressive PDF brochure? Do you have an engaging sales presentation that mixes experiential content with next level sales information?

Sales Training

Is your sales team asking the right questions? Are emails and phone calls made with a purpose?

Lead Response Protocol

How Fast Does Your Sales Team Respond to New Leads? Do they deliver information their customers want?

Defined Sales Process

How are you tracking when leads fall out of the pipeline? Do you have a reliable set of sales stages?

Strong Referral Program

Is your referral program designed to get the most from referral partners in your top feeder markets? Are your owners recommending you to their friends?

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Is your sales team sending beautiful sales materials? Are they aware of and prepared for marketing events? When do leads get handed back to the marketing team?

New eBook: The Elite Real Estate Sales Machine

In his new book Eric Pierce diagnoses the critical issues that face luxury real estate developers and explains how to solve them.

These are Eric’s lessons learned from 15+ years of front line experience in selling, managing and marketing luxury second home real estate developments, both the epic successes and unfortunate failures.

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