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“Those who create truly special experiences for others deserve exceptional success for themselves.

This is why we are in business, to help real estate professionals and developers reap the rewards of their hard work and attention to detail.

If you’re passionate about creating amazing experiences in real estate, both product and service, then we are aligned and I’d like to talk with you.”

Eric Pierce, Founder & President, Clearview Elite


“Real Estate has been my passion for over 30 years and I know first-hand how Clearview Elite assists and speeds up the sales process and can save real estate developers and sales teams valuable time and money.

The introduction of an objective and unique referral programme revolutionizes how referring brokers can effortlessly generate qualified leads and streamlines the process of handing over their referrals with peace of mind knowing they will be credited and compensated.”

Lee Cogher, European Ambassador, Clearview Elite

Lee Cogher