Real Estate Developers: Gift wrap HOA fees with emotion and speed up sales 7 years ago

Some of the best real estate brands in the world understand emotional marketing

Watch Martis Camp’s excellent video as an example.

The disconnect comes after the emotional branding and marketing does its job and delivers a new lead.

At that point, for some reason, the emotion stops. The consumer requests additional information and receives a low grade PDF that does nothing to match the emotion that helped generate the interest in the first place.

Below: Emotion courtesy of Martis Camp.

Marketers must continue to deliver emotion throughout the entire sales process.

Those who do will win. They will be able to keep more consumers emotionally engaged throughout the due diligence process.

The decision making process on a luxury real estate purchase takes time for most buyers. There is much to consider including financial strength of the developer, annual expense considerations and whatever else their attorney comes up with.

Long and arduous evaluation of whether or not to make an investment in something expensive can cloud all of the reasons why the client was excited about the property in the first place.

As a result, next steps take a back seat to other items in the daily schedule and life begins to get in the way. This is what happens when a hot buyer goes quiet out of nowhere and takes two years to purchase rather than two months.

Here are three recommendations on how to continue the emotional dialogue throughout the sales process and help buyers stay engaged.

1) Lose the PDF brochure

The are many reasons to lose the PDF but most of them revolve around the idea of communicating professionally and with emotion. Web-based presentations should replace PDFs. They deliver emotion with beautiful hi-res photography and videos and will raise both eyebrows of those who view it. That doesn’t happen with a PDF.

These “next level” web presentations allow you to know what information or page within the presentation is of most interest to your prospective buyers based on their viewing activity. Viewer analytics are far more powerful coming from web pages than PDFs and analytics help to better focus your time on those prospects who are most interested in your offering. More on why to lose the PDF.

2) Invest in Professional Video

No, not your iPhone. Hire a professional firm and have them film 5 minutes of video.

Use :60 to :90 seconds of that video on your public site and save the additional 3.5 to 4 minutes for your “next level” web presentation described above.

Inquire about our expert process that is designed to increase lead conversions on your public site and keep prospective buyers engaged throughout the buying process.

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More emotional content allows you to gift wrap the annual HOA fee breakdown that consumers look for with the emotion that brought them to you in the first place.

You can keep our prospects in a positive mindset even after they are presented with the uncomfortable necessities of purchasing luxury real estate.

I love what GoldenEye Media does for developments and ultra luxury homes. Watch the video below. This is emotion folks!

3) Deliver the Ownership Experience Earlier in the Process

When your prospective buyer is entering that tricky phase where they are knee deep in legal documents, include something they are not expecting.

Begin planning their first trip to your property, include your concierge’s pre-arrival checklist.

This is a not-so-subtle reminder of the amazing experience they are about to have once they finally commit.

A professional sales executive understands what’s most important to their client so their conversations can be tailored around those experiences the client will appreciate most. Those who keep emotion involved throughout their sales conversations sell faster and worry less about “negotiating” and “closing”.

Luxury real estate sellers: people don’t buy your property, they buy how they will feel in your property. Make their decision easier by delivering emotion during the advanced stages of due diligence and all the way to closing.

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