Let’s Eliminate the Real Estate PDF… Together! 8 years ago

Here’s a blog post made up almost entirely of lists.

Why lists?

They’re easy to read,
easy to write,
save time for the reader,
save time for the writer,
eliminate unneeded gobbley-gook writing,
get to the point,
easy to read on phones.

Why we need to eliminate the PDF in real estate.

Simply put, in 1999 the real estate PDF was great. Today, not so much.

You can’t read it on a phone,
you can’t put a video in it,
you can’t put an interactive map in it,
you can’t share it socially,
you can’t put a form in it,
you can’t track what information is read inside it,
you can’t easily navigate through it,
you can’t edit it,
if you make a new one you have to resend it to everyone again,
they are boring and unimpressive,
unless you pay for a big time designer to make it beautiful,
but then you still inherit all the other problems in this list.

So why does almost every real estate brochure end up as a PDF?

Because consumers want information fast,
and mailing printed brochures is slow,
and expensive,
so people send them electronically as a PDF email attachment,
because there isn’t an easy or cost effective way to turn printed property brochures or listing presentations into visually impressive, interactive, media-friendly presentations.

Not so fast.

Technology today allows us to create extremely impressive websites quickly and affordably. If you think “outside the PDF” and instead turn your real estate brochures into websites, your potential buyers can:

be impressed with hi-res photos,
watch videos,
play with interactive maps,
book tours or visits via forms,
peruse information and not get lost with endless scrolling,
be overly impressed with the beautiful visual presentation,
tell their friends and,
do all of this stuff on their phone.

After many years of hating PDFs and wanting to connect better with customers, we created Clearview Elite.

We make real estate presentations – websites – for real estate sales teams, agents and brokers. Then we add a few key features that make their lives much easier.

As a Clearview user you will know:
who’s viewing your website,
exactly when,
how often,
and which content specifically.

This is important because you:
can stop dialing for dollars,
become more productive,
prioritize follow up tasks,
time phone calls perfectly,
engage with only those clients who show interest,
present yourself more professionally,
shorten the sales cycle,
improve marketing ROI,
and genuinely enjoy your job more.

Test drive Clearview Elite for free for 30 days.
Choose a special listing and we’ll build your first website for $199 – that’s half off.

Sign up here.


About Eric:

Real Estate Sales & Marketing veteran
Founder of Clearview Elite
Driven to make life easier for real estate salespeople
A very lucky husband and Dad
Slightly above average golfer
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About Clearview Elite

Custom yet affordable property websites
Made by humans
Deliver them to your database
Embed them anywhere on the web
Get real-time alerts when people view them
Know who specifically is reading them, when and how often
Generate lead with them
Collaborate with your LRE network

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