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In this week’s real estate sales and technology news we cover the effects of low mortgage rates on real estate agents, top tools for organization, micro-location marketing for real estate and how to calculate real estate commissions on the spot.

The Impact of Today’s Low Mortgage Rates on Real Estate Agents

Economists are saying that many potential sellers will keep their homes off the market to avoid steeper rates. Several economists that spoke on a panel on the future of the housing market at the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Spring conference in Houston last week. Many homeowners who might consider selling their homes to buy new homes will choose to hold onto them in order to avoid trading in mortgages with historically low rates for loans with steeper ones, they said. Check out the graphic below for more info on the effect of effects of a mortgage rate lock-in on homes sales and read Inman’s article from the NAREE conference here.

zillow effect-of-mortgage-rate-lock-in-on-home-sales

Top Productivity Tools for Real Estate Agents To Stay Organized

Ever wonder how your competition is staying on the top of their game? What are the top producitivity tools for real estate agents? just posted an article about a study researching the best tools for organization for real estate professionals. The results were surprising. The #3 answer was “Nothing”, meaning the brokers either don’t supply anything to the agents or they don’t know. Check out their graph below which includes specific app names or read more at Geek Estate.


What’s Next in Real Estate Technology – Micro-Location Marketing for Real Estate

Straight from a science fiction novel, micro-location marketing offers a virtual sales process where information is handed to us via mobile phone when we are in proximity to something in the real world, whether it’s a home for sale or the nearest Starbucks. Beamly seems to be leading the pack making it simple for real estate agents and property developers to deliver virtual walk throughs and customization information to prospective buyers.

Buyers don’t have to go to a design center or off-site gallery to see options and finishes, and they can explore options with their mobile device during tours. When sales agents can be too invasive, and print collateral too limiting, micro-location-based marketing offers a compelling alternative. Read more at Mobile Real Estate Zone or watch a demo below for an overview of mirco-location marketing.

Calculate Your Commission on the Spot

ClosingCorp has just launched a pilot for its new Seller Net Sheet, a tool that not only calculates your commission but also a seller’s net proceeds for any property in the nation. The solution is available for title companies to help their real estate clients confidently explain the potential closing proceeds to the seller. The ClosingCorp Seller Net Sheet is rather unique to the industry since it uses actual rates, not averages, and gives users the ability to create and compare up to three different transaction scenarios and view them side by side. Aggregate fees and costs are then used to calculate the net amount a seller can expect to receive at the end of the transaction.

Seller Net Sheet enables users to set specific default settings that appear on all client-provided net sheets, such as contact information and commission values. Through this tool, users also can define and set costs for any real estate service category, such as home inspection, pest inspection, natural hazard disclosures, home warranty or any customer category chosen. Read more at

Keeper: Keep your passwords safe, secure and easy to access. Anywhere. Anytime.

Clearview’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Keeper

How many times a day do you forget your password? For your Gmail account, your financial accounts, for that new song you wanted to download on iTunes? I am a frequent forgetter of passwords so being introduced to Keeper was a huge relief. Keeper is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for mobile devices and computers. You can access Keeper on iOS, Android & Windows Phones. For more information on a tool that you will most likely add to your daily use toolbox, read more about Keeper here.


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