New Cutting Edge Mobile Strategies for Luxury Real Estate Marketing 9 years ago


Competing in the luxury real estate market requires an almost immediate adoption of emerging real estate technology.  To maximize your productivity and make efficient use of your oh so limited available time, effective tools and strategies for mobile technology are an absolute necessity for any tech savvy realtor. Having the right strategy and adopting the latest tools and trends can provide the much needed support to attract new luxury home buyers and sellers.  Below is an overview of some of the latest trends & strategies in mobile real estate technology. Find out how you can still effectively and affordably compete with some of the main industrial players and portals who have unlimited resources and budgets.


1. Mobile Device Applications

We are currently on the threshold of a whole new era as far as mobile device usage is concerned. Mobile applications have completely redefined how you stand to market or advertise any of your real estate services. Consider these new strategies thanks to mobile technology:

  • You can now attach voice recordings and send them through personalized email templates.
  • You can record video messages while in front of any property and then attach them to the listing information which you can then easily send to your client.

These and many more are all possible directly from a mobile app. Taking into consideration the above, it is critical that you make sure that as a luxury real estate brokerage, you ensure that you have a mobile site which is, at a minimum, mobile responsive.  For the new generation of consumers this is a necessity no longer just a marketing luxury. This demand is not going away anytime soon.

2. Augmented Reality 



Augmented Reality allows potential home buyers to drive through their favorite neighborhoods and find out more about all nearby listings. You can easily create a competitive advantage amongst other realtors in your area by taking advantage of augmented reality. Apart from simply being used to find nearby listings, augmented reality can be used to market specific properties to interested luxury clients.

This cutting edge mobile technology can give potential property buyers first hand real life experience of seeing their dream home come to life right in front of their eyes. All that is required is that they point their mobile device at the property which in turn grants them full access to information about the property. While Augmented Reality can be used to search listings but also when a mobile device is pointed at print material, it can also give a 3D tour of the home. Homespotter is just one of many new mobile technology apps for realtors that utilize augmented reality.

For more information on this amazing mobile strategy for luxury real estate marketing, check out NAR’s Field Guide to Augmented Reality.


3. Micro Location Marketing



Another awesome tool for micro location marketing is Homendo’s Drive by Detector.  This feature provides one of the most helpful mobile technological inventions for the real estate market. If anyone has used Foursquare, you’ll understand how this works.  Homendo is designed to send you alerts immediately when you get within a pre-set distance from an active listing which suits all of your personal preferences or one which meets all of your home buying requirements. Talk about aggressive marketing. Your potential home buyer will be receiving pop up notifications on their phone about YOUR property the second they step foot in the area. Your real estate marketing doesn’t get easier than that!


3. Projection mapping 

While not strictly a mobile technolgy tool, projection mapping is another new technique which allows for the projection of images on a façade with an aim of showing a possible transformation, remodeling or construction outcome. It turns buildings into a giant screen on which content is placed. For the luxury real estate market, it is most suitable for development launches but can also be used for property sales or property marketing events after development is complete.

In addition to the above, it is also a high tech option to showcase ground floor transformation. The best thing about projection mapping is the fact that creativity is solely at your disposal. Combine this with augmented reality on a mobile device, and you will be leading the pack in luxury real estate development sales.

For more possibilities using 3D Projection Mapping check out Real Estate Arts. 

All of the above mentioned high tech strategies for luxury realtors using mobile real estate technology are not only futuristic but also cutting edge necessities for any tech savvy realtor. The best thing about them is the fact that most of them are readily available in app form and don’t require a large investment. These advancing mobile technologies can change your daily routine especially how you handle your clients and your luxury real estate marketing strategies this year.

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