14 Things Highly Successful Realtors Do on Weekends [VIDEO] 9 years ago


So it’s the weekend…  How do you, a highly successful realtor, recharge and get ready for the coming week? Whether your official downtime is Saturday/Sunday or sometime midweek, are you making the most of your free time? What could you do in your off time to make your work time the most effective? Forbes released this insightful list of the 14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends. Check it out to see if you are on track this weekend. Then watch this video from Brian Tracy to discover what the Top Daily Habits of Successful People are to get your Monday off to a great start!

How is your weekend going so far?


Check out Brian Tracy’s video on the Top Daily Habits of Successful People. Here’s a hint: It’s All About Routine!

1. Daily Goal Setting

2. Be Results Oriented

3. Be People Oriented

4. Stay Health Oriented 

5. Stay Honest

6. Self-Discipline



Are you ready for Monday? If you need more motivation for the week, check out our blog post & video on the 7 Steps to Becoming An Unstoppable Luxury Real Estate Agent.

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