Clearview Elite Tutorial Series – Video #1

Video Tutorial Series - Part 1

Well we’ve finally done it!

A series of four tutorial videos on Clearview Elite – what we do for you, why we do it and how you benefit.

It’s narrated by yours truly, I felt like I wasn’t able to cover enough ground with one-on-one conversations and our message is truly important, a difference maker for real estate sales teams.

The fact is that connecting with the right leads at the right time can be the difference between a three or four year sell out and seven or eight years.

In this first video I’ll review the three critical factors that determine your likelihood of connecting with the right leads at the right time.

So please have a look at the short intro video below and then reach out, let’s discuss your property or business.



Eric is the founder of Clearview Elite. Reach out anytime for real estate related sales and marketing questions.

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