An Epic Guide to Google Ranking & SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing 9 years ago



Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can seem like a mystical science to some real estate professionals. But knowing the right keywords to use, where to use them and exactly how to improve your search engine marketing is a surefire way to get you to the first page of Google & grow your luxury real estate business. SEO sets the foundation for any successful digital marketing strategy. Don’t miss this important video and infographic that will walk you through how to create a Real Estate SEO strategy or improve the one you already have in place. Read on for more top tips in this epic guide to SEO for luxury real estate marketing.



Easy Agent Pro has produced this important video and infographic that maps out step by step all the elements you need to create a killer SEO plan for your luxury real estate marketing. For more details on local real estate SEO, backlinks, and social media SEO strategies you can check out their original article here.

Here are some top points to consider in your Real Estate SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing:

1.) Keyword Placement

Create a list of keywords that your clients are searching for that you can use to actually increase your rank in Google. Need research help? Check out Google’s Keyword Planner.

So if your keyword is “SEO for Luxury Real Estate” this keyword needs to be placed in 5 locations:

  • URL:

  • Page Title: An Epic Guide to SEO for Luxury Real Estate

  • Body of Page: Include the same keyword or phrase between 1-2% of your word count. So if you have 500 words, you’ll want to include that keyword 5-10 times.

  • Image Titles & Alt Tags: Be sure to save your images using your keyword and title your images when uploading them also using your keyword.

2.) Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the most crucial part of Real Estate SEO. You need to link to at least 5 other pages (or blog posts) within your website every time you produce a post. Not only does it give your visitors easy access to your content, it also introduces search engines to your older blog posts. Make sure to link your keyword to other blog posts (or web pages) that are using that same keyword.

3.) Blog Commenting

In the past, blog commenting has been used as an SEO tactic. People used to pay SPAM bots to comment for them all over the internet hoping that Google would pick it up.  While things are a little different now with Google, blog commenting can still really help build your traffic to your website.

A great strategy is to spend a few minutes each day commenting on high traffic blogs in the luxury real estate niche. You will get more SEO traffic from Google if you are already producing traffic from other sources. So start posting comments today on Inman News, Tech Savvy Agent and even here at Clearview Elite.

Consider these top points below in creating your real estate SEO strategy for luxury real estate marketing in 2015. If you follow these tips, you will be able to build a strong foundation long into the future for a digital presence in your luxury real estate business.



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