7 Reasons Why You NEED to Be Tech Savvy in Luxury Real Estate [VIDEO] 9 years ago


In addition to superior negotiation skills and a vast knowledge about your local market, an ultra successful luxury real estate agent must be tech savvy. Utilizing top of the line tech tools and creating innovative tech strategies in your luxury real estate marketing can save you time, money and often your ability to win in a negotiation.

When negotiating in the luxury real estate market, the competition is fierce and the financial stakes are much higher. A luxury realtor that is tech savvy and has systems in place will always save time and be able to maintain a competitive advantage.  Watch this video to learn 7 strategies for becoming a better tech savvy realtor.

Dawn Thomas at Sotheby’s from Silicon Valley and Beyond covers these top 7 reasons why it’s so important to be a tech savvy real estate agent especially if you are a brokerage looking to hire new agents.  94% of home buyers start their home search online so integrating technology into your real estate marketing is crucial.



As Dawn stated so eloquently in this video, the bottom line is this:  Being a tech savvy real estate agent will save you time and money. Of course there is a learning curve depending on your real estate technology skill set. But the time spent learning new tools will be well worth the investment in the long run for your luxury real estate business.

How have you been utilizing these 7 points in your luxury real estate marketing and transactions? Let us know what tech tools and strategies are working for you and what isn’t. For more tech tips on how to become a better tech savvy realtor, check out our previous blog post “5 Unique Tech Tips for Realtors Looking for New Marketing Ideas”.

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