5 Tips of Top Producers Getting BIG Results from Real Estate Marketing 9 years ago


I have a confession to make. I can’t stop watching episodes of the new #TomFerryShow. Tom Ferry is a pretty eccentric, always amusing, clearly highly caffeinated, real estate sales and marketing guru.  I normally don’t have time for an 18 minute YouTube video. But Tom kept this one entertaining & extremely informative for a free video.

All of Tom’s fast talking allows him to squeeze in a huge amount of real estate marketing and sales tips from digital sales conversions to why “CALL ME , CALL ME” direct mail marketing never works. This episode focuses on 5 innovative marketing tips that top producers are using to kill it in the real estate industry.  Check this out when you are really ready to step up your sales game.



It’s rare to find such engaging energetic videos on often dryly done real estate sales and marketing topics like A/B testing and lead conversion techniques. Some of the topics that Tom touches on in this video include the importance of website testimonials, how to use direct mail,  creating custom Facebook lists from past clients, and overall top level strategies that are producing results for some of the nation’s top real estate sales pros.

5 Reasons Their Marketing Delivers Results:

1.) They follow the natural stimulus / response. Stimulus + Response = Credibility = Response. What may have worked in the 90’s does not work now in this digital age. Go to Google Maps and upload all of your transactions so clients can see your sales track record. Get testimonials up on your website now, then branch out to Yelp.

2.) They always use a multi channel approach. Upload your past transaction list into Facebook to create a custom list to communicate and track each and every one of them. Don’t just call or mail a lead. Send them a private message on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter, contact them on Instagram.

3.) They don’t romanticize about anything. Even if you don’t like social media. What does the consumer want?  Peter Drucker says business is about innovation and marketing. In this day and age, innovation is happening instantaneously. If you want to best serve the customer, if you want to really produce results, you have to innovate….whether you like it or not.

4.) It doesn’t matter what you think. ABT: Always be Testing. Test the email subject line, test the blog post title, test the color suit you are wearing. Which one got the better response? It doesn’t matter what you like, what matters is which result got the best response from your leads. Top producers are killing it because they are willing to put there likes and dislikes aside and test what consumers really respond to.

5.) The Cardinal Sin is Guessing. Track, Measure & Know vs. I Feel, I Think. Base your marketing decisions on actual facts rather than guessing. Top producers know with absolute certainty what is working & what is not. And if they don’t know then they are consistently testing until they do.

“There’s no such thing as failure, only a result. Always be testing!”

If you are short on time, check out these top takeways and their points within the video:

Go to (2:20) to understand consumers’ behavior in today’s market and get them to work with you

Go to (10:06) to learn how top producers are testing their marketing efforts to convert more leads into clients

Go to (15:07) to review the 3 must ask questions to elevate your marketing and set yourself up for success

3 Action Steps to Follow up on To Make You a Top Producer in 2015

  1. Review your marketing plan. Where is the gap? What am I romanticizing?
  2. What can I start tracking and measuring?
  3. What can I start testing?

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