5 Unique Tech Tips for Realtors Looking for New Marketing Ideas 9 years ago

5_Unique Tech_Tips_for_Realtors Looking

With so much innovative real estate marketing technology, there are many new ways to contact your potential clients and provide them with the most up to date information on your properties.  Part of staying ahead of the game is in your ability to keep up to date with cutting edge luxury real estate marketing tools.  Thinking outside the box on how you can use these tools to deliver exemplar results will set you apart from your competitors struggling to get that next listing presentation. Here are some unique tech tips for realtors to help you strengthen your sales process and close more luxury real estate deals this year. 

Andrew Fortune from Great Colorado Homes has created this great infographic to go with his article on unique tech tips.  Check out each tip and compare them to what you are doing now in your sales process. How can these tips be used to elevate your brand, provide a more seamless closing, and provide instant & easy communication with your clients?


For more details on each tip, check out the original article at RIS Media.  

For Tip #1: If you are looking for specific tools to help you create special infographics for common homebuyer questions and concerns, check out our post “Free & Easy to Use Design Tools for Realtors to Create Stunning Images”.

While all of these are great individual suggestions to add in your sales process, wouldn’t it be great to have all of this information in one place?  Instead of creating a PDF or a Dropbox folder, why not consider putting everything online and providing just a link to interested homebuyers. Then you can make up to the minute changes on your showing schedules, neighborhood comps and market data so homebuyers have the most recent changes at the click of a link. There are now real estate technology tools that will allow you to do that.

In addition to presenting graphs, documents, and videos, Clearview Elite digital listing presentations can actually help you incorporate all of these elements into a stunning presentation so potential clients have only one link to follow for all of their necessary information. To learn more click here.

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