Why Every Realtor Needs Video in their Luxury Real Estate Marketing 9 years ago


Real estate related searches on YouTube have more than doubled in the last four years. This makes YouTube the most common resource to find real estate videos, followed by brokerage websites.  Every realtor needs video in their luxury real estate marketing but you don’t have to be a multimedia pro or put out large sums of cash to hire a videographer. Read on to find out why video is so significant in luxury real estate marketing, what content viewers really want to see, what SEO keywords people are using and how you can create a professional looking, do it yourself video using only an iPhone in less than an hour.


HouseHunt.com has created this great infographic illustrating the significance of video in your real estate marketing as well as the content that viewers want and SEO keywords commonly used when searching YouTube.



Sam DeBord over at RealtorMag posted a great article on how you can create your own video digital listing presentation using just an iPhone. The video embedded below took 10 minutes to shoot and 20 minutes to edit and stitch together on his new iPhone 6. He used Instagram’s Hyperlapse app and the Videolicious app to edit. Both of these video marketing apps for real estate can be used by nonprofessional videographers to make very professional looking videos for less than the cost of your favorite drink at Starbucks.

Here are some of his top tips on how you can create an elegant video for your luxury real estate marketing:

  • Get a professional introduction graphic and closing graphic.  To create a quality video with a strong call-to-action for agent contact, the company’s logo, branding colors, and contact information should come at the beginning and the end of each video.  You can get these created quickly and inexpensively by a local designer or an online vendor at Fiverr99designselance, etc. It is important to get a quality graphic that you can reuse going forward for all of your future videos, and with these affordable services this can easily be accomplished.
  • Think small. Most video viewing these days is done on a mobile device so consider watching your final process on a small-size screen as this is the best point of reference. Streaming high-quality video is much easier with a smaller frame size so take that into consideration when filming.
  • Keep it digestible. Don’t go overkill on the timelapse function. No one wants to watch warp speed 24/7. The eyes need breaks. Try time lapse out at 1x or 2x speed first. Also, it may be tempting to walk through the entire home, but it can become disorienting with all the light changes in varying rooms. Unless the listing is tiny, you really don’t need to show every room. You should be able to tell the story in less than two minutes.

And here is the final iPhone produced digital listing presentation video:

For more filming tips check out Sam DeBord’s original articles at RealtorMag and Washington Realtors.

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