The Common Denominator of Success in Real Estate 11 years ago

Albert E.N. Gray wrote a landmark paper in 1940 called The Common Denominator of Success. It’s addressed to the insurance world but applies to everyone in virtually every walk of life & especially for success in real estate. The basis of the paper is summed up in this quote:

common denominator of success in real estate

“The Successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”

I take two key points from this quote:

1. If something is uncomfortable and you don’t want to do it then it should be the first thing you do. Conquer fears by stepping over that line you subconsciously draw for yourself. Do this every day and you’re on the way to being successful.

2. Have a purpose, a real purpose that drives you deeply. And I don’t mean “make a lot of money”. You’ll find that simply making money doesn’t drive most people. There is always a deep-seeded purpose behind the desire to make a lot of money. Find it and you’re on the way to being successful.

TIP: When you find your purpose, keep it on the front of your mind and never forget it. That’s actually easier said than done; the stresses, distractions and even monotony of the daily grind can easily distract you. So here’s a tip that works for me: create a password when you login to your laptop that reminds you of your purpose. Every day when you login you’ll be reminded of what you’re working so hard for.

Here’s the entire article

A special thanks to Terry Weaver, professional real estate sales trainer, for introducing me to Mr. Gray and his fantastic essay. Meet Terry Weaver here:

In what ways do you remind yourself to stay focused on your purpose?

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