Goal Setting For Real Estate Sales Executives 11 years ago

Goal Setting for Real Estate Sales ExecutivesThe Great Dallas Cowboy Football coach Tom Landry once said, “Setting a goal is not the

main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

The notion that achieving a goal is a lot harder than setting it is not rocket science for sure, but the words are a heck of a lot more impactful coming from a pro football legend.

You are in real estate sales and you are responsible for your performance, not anyone else. Get in the habit of setting goals for yourself, whether or not you have sales quotas or directives from management. The important point is that your personal goals should be large enough to eclipse those mandated by management.

The first step in defining your own goals…

The first step in defining your own goals is to make sure you have a reason to reach them, your purpose.

Once you have your strong purpose, you set goals to help you fulfill your purpose. So how do you go about achieving those goals? Create a plan and write it on a note pad, or use cool software like Evernote, anything that will allow you to easily go back to your plan on a daily basis.

How many sales do you want to make this year? Here is a simple example you can use as a starting point:

My Quota this year is 40 sales so…

My Goal this year: 50 sales

My Plan to achieve my goal:

  1. 4 sales per month on average plus two
  2. 20 outbound phone calls every day
  3. Each week I will make 5 calls to current owners
  4. I will build relationships with those owners by continued communication
  5. I will send news articles to them related to their business
  6. I will exceed management’s quota by improving my referral business
  7. I will meet two new outside referral agents per week and build a large referral network
  8. I will follow my Priority Plan every day without fail

Remember, it’s nearly impossible to “stay with the plan” without a real, deep-seeded purpose. In the NFL, every player has talent, that’s what separates the good players from the hall-of-famers, is “…the strength of their purpose.”

There is no need to share your purpose with others, but do you have a action plan for yourself? I’d love to hear it!

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