Esperanza Resort's sales team is now more efficient, here's why: 7 years ago

Business owners like sharing great testimonials.

Had we not had Clearview Elite in place, we would have lost sales opportunities due to a lack of sales agents to follow up with our leads.

This most recent praise came just last week from Kelina Nielson, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Esperanza, an Auberge Resort in Cabo San Lucas.

Many of you have likely heard of Esperanza, or even better… been there. It’s truly one of the most remarkable places to stay in Cabo, actors and athletes choose it frequently.

Of course, real estate sales is healthy and Kelina runs a team of four to keep up with the pace.

But what happens when a sales team goes through changes? That happened last year at Esperanza, there was some turnover and promotions happening at the same time. For several months there was only one active salesperson!

Did they panic? Nope. The team was comfortable making these changes all at once because they were using our super simple software.

They knew which leads to follow up with and exactly when.

I had a similar experience working with The Reefs Club in Bermuda a couple years ago. They had a large direct mail marketing event and generated hundreds of leads in only a few weeks. The two-person sales team would have needed to hire an army of assistants to properly follow up with all of the leads. But they didn’t, they had Clearview Elite.

Instead, every one of those new leads (hundreds of them) instantly and automatically received a beautiful, web-based real estate presentation. The two-person team knew who to follow up with first and was able to close 50+ new sales that year.

So for those of you who still have not had the opportunity to understand what we do. Let me summarize:

Only 25% of your new leads have a desire to purchase any time soon. We tell you who they are.

Watch this 60 second video to learn more.


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