Clearview Academy Part 1: Using Single Property Websites to Grow Your Brand 8 years ago

Single Property Websites

We understand. You’re in the most competitive industry on the planet and it can be nauseating.

Even if you’ve been in the business for years and have a loyal client following with good referral traffic, if you’re a competitor there’s always that itch you need to scratch. That extra edge to separate yourself from the competition and get the very best listings.

Well if you want to be (or stay as) one of the top luxury listing agents in town then present your best listings in a way that says you are. This is almost always overlooked by your competitors.

Promote your best listings:

  1. In a dedicated fashion (not on a page with 50 others)
  2. On a consistent basis (not just a launch)
  3. With targeted advertising (shotgun approaches are expensive)
  4. To those people you want business from in the future (this is key)

Promote your best listings to target clients with high household incomes, high net worth, high home values and who are likely to sell soon in the zip codes you want to dominate.

How? Facebook is a good start… right in their news feed. It’s not expensive… yet, and with consistency you’ll grow even more loyal followers and become top of mind to affluent homeowners looking to sell.

Why? Three reasons:

  • The chance of selling that high dollar home increases greatly with more exposure
  • Two birds one stone, you’re promoting your own brand without spending the extra time or cash
  • With consistency, you’ll be top of mind to future sellers of fine homes in your area

Look for details soon on marketing with Facebook in a future installment of our Academy series. You can sign up at the bottom of this post and we’ll deliver it to your inbox.

For now we’ll talk about Part 1 above: promoting your best listings in a dedicated fashion.


Great, you’ve embraced Facebook to promote your best listings. Then you link your Facebook post back to your own website, your broker’s website or even worse, a Zillow page.

Don’t do that.

For your best listings, create a unique, dedicated single property website for that listing.


1. Sellers don’t care about you so sending them to a website that talks all about you is counterproductive. Sure, your friends, family or past clients care about you, and they will probably list with you when they’re ready.

But your goal is to attract new business. You want people who don’t know you yet and therefore don’t care about you yet. These people only care about what you can do for them. So show them what you’re actively doing for other clients. Show them a bespoke single property website that blows the doors off every other agent’s standard listing page.

Berthong, Sydney, Australia

Show off your best listings with stunning photography and web design

2. When you promote your best listings, are you doing the same things as everyone else in your market? The factory tour scrolling photo gallery with elevator music? It’s a factory folks. Those sites are produced like fast food burgers, automatically and in seconds with no attention paid to what’s actually in them. (In-N-Out Burger excluded in this comparison, they’re delicious!)

Automated IDX sites are okay for most low to mid market homes. But agents who use a factory to promote their most special listings are begging you to take market share from them.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” Milton Hershey, The Hershey Chocolate Company

3. How you present your best listings is a direct reflection on you and your business. Savvy luxury home sellers will have an immediate interest in your services if they love how you market your listings.

4. You and only you are represented on a dedicated property website. When someone is truly impressed by an amazing presentation, your name and brand is credited for that and no-one else’s. Go ahead and link to your own website in all of your unique property sites and create those important backlinks. They will help you climb Google’s page ranks.

Learn More about Clearview Elite’s Intelligent Property Websites

5. Use your unique single property property websites in your listing presentation: “This is what we will do for your home.” Every seller likes to see their home in lights, you’re tugging at their heart strings here, get your prospective sellers invested emotionally.

6. You can create an emotional connection to the property by telling a story and calling out specific attributes that make it truly unique. Add videos, 3D tours… the sky’s the limit with a dedicated site, not so with a listing page.

Sellers appreciate that you are not presenting hundreds of other properties on the same page, just a click away.

7. Lead generation. Market the dedicated URL like crazy. As big as you can on the yard sign, as the header on brochures, in your magazine or newspaper ads, and on Facebook. A simple form on the site will delivery leads right to your inbox.

8. Keep hosting it after it’s been sold. This is your sales tool to land more high dollar listings. Keep them all linked to your own site and let consumers browse through how you market high dollar listings. Your seller can keep the site as a memento and when they show their friends and family over the years they are reminded of you. Future business opportunities.


Eric Pierce is the founder of Clearview Elite. Clearview Elite creates beautiful, bespoke digital marketing for the world’s top real estate professionals and those who are strive to get there. Learn more about Clearview Elite’s single property websites for your best listings.

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