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In this week’s real estate sales technology news we cover the latest trends in the Wall Street to Real Estate movement, Competitive Video Marketing with Social Media, Real Estate Lead Management, & Planning for Real Estate Investors.

Wall Street Quitters, Luxury Real Estate Winners

The Wall Street Journal Online just the other day posted the article “Quitting Wall Street to Sell Real Estate “. It’s all about insights from hedge fund execs, wealth advisors, traders & others who quit their Wall Street jobs to sell luxury real estate. It even includes profiles of some well known executives like Sharran Srivatsaa, president and COO of Beverly Hills based Teles Properties, a luxury real estate firm in Southern California.

Srivatsaa was a private wealth advisor at Goldman Sachs before leaving Wall Street for California. Part of the allure in leaving behind the financial world and jumping into luxury real estate is that, for the highest performers, real estate income can rival finance industry pay packages. Those with a financial background provide value added play to the new luxury real estate game providing a competitive edge to even top earning real estate professionals. Watch the report below or read more at the Wall Street Journal Online.

How to compete in Real Estate with Video Marketing & Social Media

Inman just published a great article about Real Estate Video Marketing entitled “How Coldwell Banker Real Estate conquered YouTube”. Coldwell Banker’s “On Location” YouTube Channel contains over 40,000 videos, the largest video presence of any brand in the industry, with over 7.7 million views to date. What an amazing use of Real Estate Sales Technology! In previous years, driving direct traffic to the channel was ineffective so they started focusing on creating shareable content and posting them on all of their social media channels. If even 1% of their videos are as adorable as this one below, you’ll probably spend the next three hours in the timeless black hole that is YouTube, thanks to Coldwell Banker. Enjoy!

How to Increase Inbound Real Estate Leads with Call to Action Buttons

Another significant feature in Real Estate Sales Technology are Call to Action (CTA) buttons which are also often underutilized for lead conversions. Even your solution (pre-sales) pages are prime real estate to convert your casual surfer into a solid closable lead. Smartbug Media explains in their latest blog, that one of their recent clients had been producing great content and highly trafficked solution pages without CTAS. However, once they implemented a global CTA on all pages, their leads grew 5x.

To help take your Real Estate Lead Generation to the next level, consider putting a CTA on ALL of your pages. Not only will it help you to ultimately convert leads into sales, but it will also help you to learn more about your leads. Creating specific offers with Smart CTAs allows you to personalize your lead nurturing which in the end is far more effective. Even Facebook is launching a video call to action button to help convert through social media. Hubspot is one of the tools that Clearview is using to help create Smart CTAs for you all. You can read more in their Ultimate Guide to Smart CTAs here.

Are your clients true Real Estate Investors? Let’s find out., the Real Estate Investing Social Network, posted a detailed article on the “14 Things Every Real Estate Investor Should Do Every Single Day”. You can make a checklist of these for your clients and find out how committed they really are. Some of the highlights include Goal Setting, Asking the Why, Creating Action Steps, the 80/20 and much more. Read more here to see how every real estate investor can improve their game plan for ROI.
Medium: Another Real Estate Sales Technology Tool

Clearview’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Medium – Everyone’s Stories & Ideas

One of our tools at Clearview for keeping up to date on Real Estate Sales Technology tools and trends is Medium. describes Medium as “The Best Writing Tool Around”. And Time just recently posted an article about it, as did The Atlantic, here. Medium is a web based service that allows anyone to publish articles online. So if you’re ready to step out of your personal blog comfort zone and expand to a bigger real estate audience then Medium is the place for you. Think of it as traffic bait for your website.

And the coolest feature of all? In the upper right hand of every article, it tells you how long it takes to read each article. This means, I can decide whether I want to commit to reading that 20 minute article or get another cup of coffee first. Medium is great for time management too.

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