Real Estate Sales - To Vomit or Not To Vomit? 11 years ago

I will now review a topic that is seriously deserving of some blog time, the dissemination of information (or lack there of) to the potential real estate buyer in the earlier stages of the real estate sales process.

The debate is this: if we present too much information too fast then the vomit effect comes into play and the sale is lost. Most sales people who have been subjected to any type of basic sales training course have likely been introduced to something similar to what I like to call “The Vomit Crevice” – (the vomit crack was even worse.)

The premise is that sales people stand on the edge of an empty crevice that lies between them and their prospective buyer. This crevice represents the buyer’s lack of understanding of the product or service they are considering.

The only way to facilitate a connection between the buyer and seller is to fill up that void with valuable and relevant information that is important to the buyer.

Each valuable and relevant question answered represents a large boulder that is tossed into the crevice. The result is a crevice that has been filled with a solid foundation of boulders (information) thus giving the prospect the means to walk across and shake hands – a closed sale.

However many young, freshly-trained sales people are hell bent on spewing as much information as humanly possible regardless of whether or not the buyer actually cares about any of it. This is a classic rookie move. (This is where it gets really gross.)

A crevice full of vomit is nothing but a disgusting pool of meaningless information with no foundation or purpose. When attempting to walk across, the results are a disgusting mess for the prospect and a lost sale for the sales person. Needless to say, no buyer is going to shake the hand of someone who just led him or her into a pool of vomit.

So, now that you’re completely disgusted, I hope that this valuable lesson is sinking in. So the obvious lesson here is to make sure you don’t spew all of that valuable information up front, and alternatively take it one step at a time, easing the prospect into those nitty-gritty details… right?

Not so fast. There is another factor at play here; closing the sale while the iron is hot. This is a major rebuttal to the vomit crevice and something I cover in To Vomit or Not To Vomit Part 2.

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