25% of Your Pipeline Is Ready to Buy, Here's How To Find Them 8 years ago

It feels great knowing who's actively interested and exactly when!
Less than 25 percent of all respondents to marketing campaigns are ready to go to sales, 50 percent will need further nurturing and 25 percent may not have been an appropriate fit in the first place – those stats are courtesy of our friends at Marketo.

The fact is that Marketo’s 25 percent statistic might be even lower for luxury real estate sales. A high dollar purchase can take months or years for many consumers to finally decide to seriously pursue.

As an onsite Sales Director this can be frustrating. For every 10 inquiries you receive, only one or two might be seriously interested. Many hours in your day can be spent following up – “dialing for dollars” trying to uncover exactly who these next level prospects are.

Those hours can be better spent having meaningful conversations with your Priority Prospects. One way to attack this is to hire an inside sales staff to do the dialing for you. But the resources needed for that strategy typically do not exist in a small real estate office.

Here is how real estate sales teams can find their top 25 percent.

1.  Send the “next level” information your prospects are looking for.

In our secret shopping activity we request information from real estate developments and the response is all too predictable.

An email with a PDF attachment that contains the exact same information as the public website did. “Fluff” on the public website is fine. In fact it’s encouraged and very much helps get the reader in touch with the experiences your property offers.

However, if you repeat all the same “fluff” in your sales brochure then your prospects will speed-read through it in about 20 seconds and never open it again. Even if they had legitimate interest you’d never know it.

Send an annual HOA fee breakdown, include a Dollars and Sense section. Then add more pictures and videos if you have them. Good information allows your serious prospects to continue with their evaluation and stay engaged.

You can gain great insight into who your 25% is based on their due diligence and reading habits. If you don’t give them anything to help them with their due diligence then you can’t separate the wheat from the chaff.  

2.  Proactively reach out to those prospects who are reading your “next level” information.  

If you don’t have a system that tells you which prospects are opening their real estate presentation then check out ours. I’m not talking about Google Analytics here, rather a system that tells you which leads specifically are viewing your sales brochure and when. This viewing behavior is critical to a busy salesperson who is juggling walk-ins, call-ins, property tours or contract closings.

When you have limited time during the day for database follow up, a system to prioritize your phone calls is a super luxury. If the prospect Jane Doe has read your sales brochure 6 times in the last 3 days then she should be towards the top of your call back list.

Taking it a step further, if you have a system that notifies you the moment someone opens your sales brochure then you know precisely when to call them… when you’re top of mind.

Example: if you send a sales brochure with a section called Dollars and Sense with detailed financial information about the purchase and your prospect never reads that section then guess who’s probably not very interested!

Proactively reaching out to those prospects who are actively reading about your real estate offering is the key to finding your top 25% and saving you from endless hours dialing for dollars.

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