Only 27% of web leads get contacted by a sales person 9 years ago

It’s far more fun to have productive conversations. Dialing for dollars is nauseating.

Blatant sales pitch warning! I recently read a study from Marketo and with very impactful statistics for the sales world.  While it is critical to understand these numbers and use them to improve your sales process, it also forces me to blatantly sell our solution.

Excuse me in advance, but I need to lay it on thick in this post. These numbers completely reinforce what we do at Clearview Elite. If you don’t care to be vomited on about how great we are then just skip down to the next post.

Review: we are driven to make life easier for real estate salespeople by helping them to focus on having more meaningful conversations with prospective buyers that are actually interested in talking with them.

We do this by creating custom, web based real estate (Clearview) Presentations for our clients and auto-delivering them instantly, right when prospects request information.

Then we tell the salesperson which leads to call based on their Presentation viewing patterns. Our clients know who’s most interested in their property and exactly when – no more dialing for dollars trying to find a pulse in the database!

Let’s look at three key elements of the study and how Clearview Elite helps real estate salespeople:

1. “According to SiriusDecisions, buyers today want to complete 70 percent of their buying process before they ever engage with a sales person.”

Precisely why Clearview Presentations are full of the “next level” information that buyers want.  This study supports our recommendation to include as much additional information as possible into these Presentations. Let prospects digest as much as they can on their own. They will be far more impressed by the quality of the presentation and speed of delivery as well as more educated and qualified when the time comes to start direct conversation.

2. “Marketo’s research indicates less than 25 percent of all respondents to marketing campaigns are ready to go to sales. 50 percent will need further nurturing and 25 percent may not have been an appropriate fit in the first place.”

Simply put, not all leads are interested in purchasing. Clearview calls out those precious 25% of leads who are closer to making a purchase decision. Clearview users have a big competitive advantage here.  Dialing for dollars takes a back seat to making timely calls to only those prospects who want to extend the conversation.

3. study surveyed over 10,000 companies: only 27% of internet leads get contacted by a sales person.

Internet leads are expensive to generate and if we help you connect with even 5 or 10% more of them, it pays off. Connecting with more prospects is all about timing. Don’t forget these statistics courtesy of and MIT:

  • A lead that is contacted within five minutes has a contact rate 100x higher versus waiting even 30 minutes
  • Your chances of qualifying a lead is 21x higher if you call back in five minute vs 30 minutes.

Clearview clients receive an Activity Alert to their email inbox or iPhone when a lead has opened their Clearview Presentation. At this moment, our clients know which prospect is actively thinking about them and exactly when. This is the absolute perfect time to call.

Please watch our short video and let’s have a conversation about your sales process.

It’s all over now, no more high pressure sales speak.  Did I mention the price is nominal… Sorry.

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