Lead Management: What Your Leads Really Want & Expect From You 10 years ago

The creation of a successful Lead Management system is crucial to closing consistent sales and nurturing long term relationships that may bear fruit long into the future. Strangely this is often overlooked in the real estate industry. Ask someone what their follow process is and they might give some vague answer of “oh I always call back my leads.” 

It’s important to know exactly who your leads are, what they are expecting in the relationship and just how you can provide exactly what they are looking for BEFORE your competition beats you to it.  Real Trends has created this awesome infographic to help dig a little deeper in the lead followup process to show you how to know your leads.

What Your Leads Really Want & Expect from You  - Lead Management

What’s fascinating about this visual is that 45% of leads expect contact in 15 minutes. What system do you have in place to ensure that every lead is contacted within 15 minutes? We at Clearview suggest responding within even less time than that. 10 minutes maximum.  Real Trends also shows us that 2 out of every 4 website inquires receive no response. How quickly do you respond to your email inquires?

Lead management is the backbone to your sales success. With statistics like this it is essential to prioritize setting up a lead management system that includes the baseline requirement of followup within 15 minutes.  What tools do you have in place to make this a reality? For more information on Clearview’s ability to help with this process, give us a shout!


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