iPhone Tips for Real Estate Professionals 10 years ago


iPhone for Real Estate iPhone Tips for Real Estate Professionals

We always recommend professional photography for selling high-end real estate. There is no single way to make a beautiful home look bad than to try and save a few bucks and shoot it yourself.

Unless you’re really a professional photographer then just make sure you create a business relationship with a local person who is and show off that new beautiful listing as you should.

However! Technology is getting much better and the iPhone camera is as well. And sometimes you might find yourself in a pinch. This article on Medium is a good one because Mr. Martin Moore points out several features on the iPhone that you might not be aware of and that can help you pretend to be a professional.

A couple points that stood out for me:

9. Don’t use the touch screen shutter button

10. Use grid lines

11. Use the HDR function

12. Tap to focus

13. Use AE/AF Lock

Mr. Moore has also reviewed several elements that can be applied to your task of taking shots around the home. Review his tips on Medium, get an iPhone and you’ll be better prepared to be a photographer if need be.

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