Improve Real Estate Lead Generation by Understanding Your Customer 9 years ago

Real estate shoppers use mobile devices

This is how your prospective buyers are reviewing your website today.  On their iPads on the couch after work.  No desk or computer, no paper brochure… that’s ancient history.


What are these three looking at? Likely your public website, listing presentation, any of your real estate sales & marketing information.  And what are they looking for?  Lots of pictures, videos, testimonials, anything that will help them get excited about your real estate offering.

Here are 8 important steps you can take to deliver what your customers want and do it better than your competition:

1)   Spend a little extra money on your photography and video. Provide a ton of it and make it beautiful.  Their time on your public website is your one chance to get them intrigued and wanting more.

2)   Get up to speed and make sure your website, landing pages, emails and real estate presentations are responsive. This is nerd speak for “adapts well to any size screen”. You’d be surprised by how many people are viewing your information on something smaller than a laptop… like more than 50%.

3)   Make requesting more information super easy and obvious. No need to hide a contact form in some page without any other relevant information.  Add small and easy forms in strategic locations.

4)   Stop saying this: “Request more information” or “Contact us” and replace with

“For detailed information on annual HOA fees…”  Give your visitor a reason to raise their hand and ask for more information. Leaving off a few important tidbits from your public website will help your viewer conversion rates an improve the overall quality of your database.

5)   Send them information immediately.  Waiting is no longer acceptable for most savvy shoppers. Today, information should be delivered when the consumer wants it, now.

6)   Send something engaging.  Boring text emails and PDFs are so ‘90s! Make a great impression and separate yourself from everyone else and send an engaging web-based presentation.

7)   Invest in some way to be alerted via email or phone when your clients are reading about you.

8)   When you someone is actively reading about you, pick up the phone.  Don’t be scared, they won’t freak out or get mad or laugh at you.  In fact quite the opposite, they’ll be impressed and you’ll engage them at precisely the right moment, when they are thinking about you and coming up with questions.


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