Free & Easy to Use Design Tools for Realtors to Create Stunning Images 10 years ago

Free Design Tools for Realtors

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, it is a great time to reconnect with your current clients and potential leads. Have you sent out a holiday newsletter yet? Or a year end thank you for your business? It’s not too late!

You can still create some visually stunning images to put in your newsletters, blog and social media posts without having to spend a fortune on a graphic designer.  Hubspot has posted a great list of free visual content tools that you can use to turn your info into compelling content that people will keep looking forward to week after week. Check out the Top 6 Free and Easy to Use Design Tools for Realtors:

1. Canva

Personally I often turn to Canva, as an easy solution if I can’t find a copyright free image for our blog or social media posts. It is extremely user friendly for those non designer types and also offers use of stock photos for $1. Find (or upload)  the right photo to use as a background then type in your message.  Done!

2. Compfight

Compfight is another option for finding Creative Commons stock photos to use. You can then use the image as is or upload to Canva to edit and make it your own. Compfight even generates an HTML code with the artist’s attribution details so you can embed it directly into your blog post or email newsletter.


If you’re looking to create an infographic with some interesting information for your clients, you can use This free tool can help you add graphs, maps, text, even playable videos.  It easily helps you make interesting (or not so interesting) facts into engaging visuals to help better tell your story.

4. Placeit

PlaceIt is a new tool that I’ve just discovered that turns your screenshots into stunning full story images. Just upload your screenshot onto PlaceIt. Then you can manually fit it into a Creative Commons enabled stock photos.  This takes blog images to a whole new level.

5. Pictaculous

Pictaculous can help you with one of the most important elements of design: choosing your color palette.  Sometimes it hard to find a font color to match that blue sky behind your luxury property.  No problem with Pictaculous. Just upload your photo and it will instandly tell you which recommended colors to use and their corresponding HEX codes.

6. Hubspot Templates

Lastly, Hubspot offers a wealth of PowerPoint Templates to help you create Infographics, SlideShares, Social Media Posts and Calls to Action.  As inbound marketing spets, they’ve made it super easy for non-designer types to create compelling visual content so you can focus on what you do best, selling more real estate.

For even more free visual content tools, check out Hubspot.


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