5 Sneaky Tech Tools to Spy on Your Luxury Real Estate Competitors 9 years ago


Competition is fierce in the luxury real estate industry and the stakes are often high when losing a sale. Whether you are fighting for more luxury real estate listings or scrambling to sell more second homes in your development, competition is always a certainty.  Maybe you’re losing buyers to that new development down the street that offers the same community amenities and luxury home upgrades. How are your competitors marketing online? And how do you, the tech savvy luxury realtor, compete? Here are some amazingly easy to use tech tools to help you create the ultimate competitive advantage in your digital luxury real estate marketing this year.  

Most luxury real estate professionals already know about some of the most popular tech tools that help you consistently monitor your competition.  Google Alerts will allow you to receive instantaneous emails on any “hot off the press” stories recently posted about your luxury real estate competitors. The Google Keyword Planner Tool can help you research (and compete) with your competitors keywords. And Alexa can be used to quickly assess the ranking of your website and those of your competitors sites. Check out our top 5 picks for the sneakiest tools to assess your luxury real estate marketing competition.

Marketing Grader 

Market Grader is a free tool from HubSpot that lets you measure several significant areas of your competitor’s marketing strategies including: mobile, lead generation, SEO, social media, and blogging.  You just enter your competitor’s website address and get a free report on how well they are doing. This is also a great auditing tool for your own website to see where the gaps are in your online marketing.



Topsy is a great tool for monitoring relevant content in the luxury real estate industry. This can be used to search for specific location related content, your competitors keywords, social influencers on a specific topic and you can find all of your competitors tweets from the dawn of time.  This will allow you to share, repurpose content and review your competitor’s Twitter strategies all in one place.



SpyFu is an invaluable tool that shows your competitors in depth SEO strategy. This tool also lets you review your competitors keywords over the last six years. Some of the benefits to this tool are discovering the most profitable keywords, the least profitable keywords, your competitors monthly keyword budget, new organic & paid keyword competitors. 



WooRank is a popular tool for SEO and website reviews. After entering a URL for your website it generates a check list to improve your website optimization. This can also be used to review your competitors websites to see the areas that you can strengthen on your own site.


Simply Measured

Although a paid service, Simply Measured also offers a wealth of free tools to check out your competitors social profiles. With downloadable Excel spreadsheets, this tool provides detailed analytics of your competitors top social engagers and influencers across all social media platforms. These reports are well worth the price of handing over your email address.


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