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Impress, Engage, Convert

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Professional Lead Response

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There is a void in the center of sales and marketing… and it’s killing Marketing ROI.


Q: How fast do you engage your prospects?
A: A 10 Minute response time results in a 400% decrease in odds of qualifying over a 5 Minute response time.


Q: How impressive and professional is your delivery of the information?
A: Boring PDF presentations don’t engage or allow interaction.


Q: Does the information you deliver move your prospects toward a purchase?
A: Prospects want details. Don’t send the same info they just read on your public website!

The End of PDF Brochures

Clearview Elite will create a private web presentation for your property and ditch the PDF. You impress your prospects like never before.

We make these for you

Learn professional lead response strategies now

Clearview Activity Alerts, delivered exactly when and where you need them.

“We are alerted when a client opens our Clearview Presentation and we can easily see what they’ve read and how many times they’ve read it.  We simply could not imagine doing our day-to-day business without Clearview Elite. “
Joshua Dempsey JD Napa Valley | Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley


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