Only 25% of your leads have an interest to purchase any time soon

We tell you who they are!


There is a void in the middle of the sales process and it's killing productivity and marketing ROI. 

Companies who miss the mark on professional lead response suffer from drawn out sales processes, under-performing sales teams and missed quotas.

Now, your lead follow up is automated, prospects are engaged and your sales team is speaking with the right people at exactly the right time... without lifing a finger.

"We are alerted when a client opens our sales presentation and we can easily see what they've read and how many times they've read it. We simply could not imagine our day-to-day business without Clearview Elite."

Joshua Dempsey, Sales Director, Four Seasons Private Residences, Napa Valley

“Clearview helps us to weed out those prospects that are not serious or ready for purchase so we can prioritize our time on those that are. We know this based on who’s actively reading our Clearview Presentations.”

Michael Evans, Co-Founder, The Vines of Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina

"Since adding Clearview Elite to our system we have had the ability to engage with our interested clients efficiently with a beautifully outlined presentation for Esperanza Real Estate Company.The result has been excellent and our sales have increased."

Kelina Nielson, Sales Director, Esperanza Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Knowing which leads to reach out to and exactly when is half the battle!

Research indicates no more than 25% of your leads have an interest to purchase anytime soon. So most sales professionals spend enless hours dialing for dollars to find out who they are. Not anymore.

Now, with real time activity alerts, you know which leads are showing the most interest and when they are thinking about you. The perfect time to connect with them.

The End of PDF Brochures

We create a private web presentation and ditch your PDF. You impress prospects like never before.

  • Competition? Impress prospects with a better presentation
  • Price change? Make changes in seconds
  • Multiple salespeople? Information is consistent throughout the sales team
  • The same presentation represented by multiple people

“I built this company from personal experiences dealing with sales anxiety. The uncertainty of not knowing who in my database was interested in what I was selling. Well it doesn't need to be that stressful. Enjoy work more and let us help you make sales!”

Eric Pierce, Founder, Clearview Elite

"For over 8 years I have specialized in resort real estate sales and I know, from personal experience, how challenging sales can be. I am excited to be a part of Clearview Elite and help as many sales teams as possible automate the follow up process and spend more time having meaningful conversations and making sales."

Christian Thompson, Director of Sales, Clearview Elite

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