The Elite Sales Process for Real Estate

A 10 Stage System for Luxury Real Estate Development Sales

The Elite Sales Process is 10 stages and 4 statuses that work together to organize and forecast all leads in your sales organization. They determine:

1) A salesperson’s daily priorities

2) How leads are marketed to

3) How sales are forecasted

Four Sales Statuses

Active - Any lead that a salesperson continues to have communication with. This includes all new leads and any leads that are actively involved in the due diligence process.

Cultivate - A lead that has gone quiet, is on hold, not responding, or has asked to be contacted later. Standard rule: if you’ve not heard from them in 60 days move them to Cultivate.

Lost - The lead has said in their own words, “this is not for me", “thanks but no thanks”, "not today”, you get the idea.

Not Qualified - You have determined that this lead is not an actual candidate. A secret shopper is a good example. Or someone that says, “As soon as I win the lottery I’ll be ready”, or, “remove me from your list."

Tip: Occasionally leads DO come back from the dead. So there is a difference between 'Lost' and 'Not Qualified'. Lost leads remain on marketing's communication list until they say otherwise. 'Not Qualifieds' are to be removed from marketing entirely.

Ten Sales Stages

1. Info Request - Indicates a lead has requested additional information but has not yet received that information. We need this as a Stage because accidents happen. We want to make sure there are no leads in the system that were inadvertently missed in the follow up process. I.e. they requested info but didn’t get it.

2. Info Response - Indicates a lead has been sent the information. Yep, important. This differentiates those who have received information but have not yet been contacted by a salesperson.

3. Qualification & Discovery - indicates a salesperson has made live contact with a lead. Live contact means either a phone conversation, IM/chat or back and forth email exchange. This is where the salesperson is building rapport, asking questions, finding out whether or not the lead is qualified, and what their drivers (motivations) and needs are.

4. Preview Visit Scheduled - A qualified lead has purposely scheduled a visit to see your property.

5. Preview Visit Completed - The qualified lead has purposely visited and left your property. Simply because of the fact that they scheduled the visit and went through with it shoots them up the probability scale. This is a very good sign.

Tip: Stage 5 leads should not be confused with a walk-in who stops by while strolling down the beach. While this walk-in might have completed a tour of the property, they should either remain in Stage 3 or jump to Stage 6 based on their interest level. Preview Visit leads represent a higher level of interest than someone who is merely strolling by, therefore, they have a higher probability to close.

6. Final Discussion - This stage is where the lead is diving down deep into the purchase opportunity, reading advanced level FAQ’s, asking detailed questions, shooting over a few objections and potentially entering a negotiation phase.

If you’ve reached this stage and are maintaining live contact then this is a huge buying sign. Your lead left your property, returned home and didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. This calls for another jump in probability to close.

7. Documents Sent - Here, the lead has actually said the words “So what’s the next step? Can you send me the documents?” 

Tip: It’s important that this step is initiated by the lead. A salesperson can easily offer up the courtesy of delivering agreements and it’s easy for a lead to respond with, “sure”. But if a lead moves to this stage on their own then you’re 70% of the way home.

8. Soft Contract Signed - This is an optional stage for those developments that use soft contracts, or refundable deposits. A deposit of any kind is a buying sign, even if it’s completely refundable.

9. Hard Contract Signed - Self explanatory, if you send the agreements and they are returned with a signature + deposit then you’ll close 99 out of 100.

10. Closed - Cheers!  

Sales Stage Probabilities

1. Info Request - 3% probability to close

2. Info Response - 3%

3. Qualification and Discovery - 5%

4. Preview Visit Scheduled - 20%

5. Preview Visit Completed - 30-40%  

6. Final Discussion - 50-60%

7. Documents Sent - 70%

8. Soft Contract Signed - 80%

9. Hard Contract Signed - 99%

10. Closed! - 100%  

Tip: Many CRMs (like Propertybase or Salesforce) can be customized to automatically assign the probability to each stage. Forecast reports can be built from these probabilities.

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