The Elite Real Estate Sales Machine

Building a World-Class Sales Program


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What you'll learn in Eric's book:

  • The biggest misconception in hiring a winning real estate sales team
  • How to compensate sales teams for optimum performance
  • The 10 stage Elite Sales Process designed specifically for real estate sales teams
  • An Elite Priority Plan that re-writes the book on where sales teams should focus their time
  • Why ‘Hot’ ‘Warm’ and ‘Cold’ statuses are meaningless 
  • What triggers the emotional roller coaster of sales and how to prevent it
  • How to improve website lead conversion
  • The most common mistake in sales and marketing alignment
  • Technology, what to use and how to use it 

About the Author

Between direct front line sales, sales team management and marketing management, Eric is responsible for more than one hundred million in luxury real estate development sales.

Eric has re-defined what it is to be productive by developing proprietary software and designing sales processes specifically for real estate. 

“I'm driven to rid real estate sales teams of inefficient workdays and to enjoy selling. Faster sales puts a smile on everyone's face. This book is your step-by-step guide, please pass along to those who you feel would benefit. 

I hope you enjoy the read!”

Eric Pierce, President, Clearview Elite